Monday, March 9, 2009

Alex is the Coolest

I have the coolest 6 year old cousin EVER. (His name is Alex.) He plays basketball and everything!!! I might be his smallest fan in the whole wide world, but I cheer the loudest. Last week, I told all of my doggy friends at school all about my awesome cousin. Alex doesn't have cheerleaders for his basketball team, so my friends and I decided we would be HIS own personal cheerleading team. Mommy made all of us cheerleading outfits in his colors... black and silver. We're working on all of our cheers so we can make him proud.

ALEX--Good luck on your next game!!!! We know you will be great.

Love, Esme, Mireille, EmmyLu, Jubal, Lilly, Kasey, Rusty, Maggie Mae, Ava, Zeke,Shirley, Bernard, and Lucy