Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mommy Doesn't Love Me

Dog Fancy (1-year)**SNIFF** It's soooo true. **sigh** She NEVER lets me get on the Internet anymore, so my blog is NEVER updated, and I don't get to read Dog Fancy or find new pretty princess clothes or ANYTHING!

You know what? She took MIREILLE to Sonic the other day and did NOT take me.  **pout**  

Sometimes it is VERY hard being the big sister and not holding it against her.... But I'll be nice..., and I'll think about sharing my toys again... some day.
ANYWAY... Mommy had to work today and she left the computer at home and ONLINE! **gasp** So I did a little surfing... and found ANOTHER doggy fashionista! I know! 

Her name is Lily and she has a silly brother named Benny..., and they speak French just like me. Ok, well, I have a French name, so that counts.... Right? But do you know what their mommy LET them have? A CREDIT CARD! That is soooo not fair. My mommy never let's ME have a credit card to Cloud Star Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats, Peanut Butter Madness, 6-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 4)buy all of my very most favorite Buddy Biscuits or pink princess gowns or sparkley tiaras.... OK so MAYBE their mommy just accidentally left it lying around and MAYBE they just accidentally found it and bought all kinds of yummy treats, but MY mommy never leaves her's lying around, so I feel unloved.  **sniff**

It's a very sad day.
I must go pout.



  1. Nice work ! And cute puppy too!


  2. Well hello, Esme. My name is Haru! I'm a chihuahua. I love to read your blog so I even created my own!